Work at Camp

Summer at Santa Catalina is a day and resident summer camp for girls ages 8 to 14 that encourages confidence, independence, kindness, and community. Located on 36 beautiful acres on the Monterey Peninsula, our campus features:

Art and Ceramic Studios
Dance Studios
Exercise Room
Performing Arts Center
Swimming Pool
Recital Hall
Tennis Courts

Each counselor has three to four hours of free time each day, and a 23-hour free period once per week. Room and board is provided.

If you are a young woman who is joyful, hard-working, enthusiastic, motivated, and loves to work with children, this might be a great opportunity. We are looking for college-age women or older who love camp life and have skills and knowledge to share. We celebrate diversity and seek athletes, artists, performers, writers, musicians, and scientists to be the face of our counselor community.

Kids are the best, and camp is all about them. But they can be scared and unpredictable in addition to being loving, kind, creative, and joyful. They are just like us, but all their feelings happen rapidly and impulsively. Being a camp counselor is a ton of fun as well as incredibly rewarding, but it also takes stamina, humor, flexibility, and patience to be successful mentors.

Questions to Ask Yourself Before Applying

  • Will I enjoy living and working with children and making the campers’ experience a priority for five weeks?
  • Are there any factors that might keep me from embracing a camp experience this summer?
  • How do I feel about a summer away from home, in a new place full of new people and new experiences?
  • Am I able to commit fully to the precamp training and camp session dates?
  • Am I willing to live by the standards, rules, and values expected of an employee of Summer at Santa Catalina?
  • Can I take direction, follow rules, and set a good example for my fellow counselors and campers?
  • Is this the type of environment where I can meet some of my goals while making a difference in the lives of others?

If this sounds like you, let's talk! Give us a call at 831.655.9386, send us an email to learn more, or fill out this employment application.