Summer at Santa Catalina campers having fun during checks and stripes

Checks and Stripes

Check-Stripe competitions are one of the beloved traditions at summer camp. At the beginning of each session, you will be assigned to either the Checks (who wear green) or the Stripes (who wear red). The two teams compete in games and the friendly rivalry allows you to bond and learn from each other.

Big Sister–Little Sister

The Big Sister-Little Sister tradition pairs an older girl with a younger camper. Younger girls develop friendships with their Big Sisters, and older girls, acting as leaders and mentors, build a sense of community and camp spirit.

Summer at Santa Catalina campers having fun during checks and stripes
Summer at Santa Catalina campers having fun during popsicle break

Popsicle Break

Camp comes to a halt five days a week, Monday – Friday so that we can all stop and gather around the Popsicle Shop. Counselors and campers alike take turns passing out these frosty treats as teachers, campers, counselors, and gardeners join the fun in Sullivan Court. This is really the place to be to relax with your friends, or chat and touch base with the spirit of camp. Get there early and be a part of the conversation!

Friday Night Closing Day Celebration

This event is filled with equal parts of laughter, tears, and sharing. We put on our best camp clothes (no jeans allowed) and honor each other and our sisterhood. We have a festive dinner and awards show, highlighted by group performances to honor the summer behind us. This is a special evening and is not complete until we have traded email addresses, phone numbers, and the memories which keep camp alive until the next summer.