College Counseling

Our college counseling program is a sophisticated system that moves beyond box-checking and helps students become the architect of their own application process.

Santa Catalina School student and teacher talk with college penants in the bakcground

Our Philosophy

At Santa Catalina, we want each of our graduates to go on to achieve great personal and professional success, and that begins with making the best college choice—her "best fit" financially, academically, and personally.

Our college counselors take the crazy out of the process.

Emma '19, Loyola Marymount University

College Counseling Team

Fred White

Fred White

Director of College Counseling
Julia Dubiel

Julia Dubiel


Senior Advising Team

Under the leadership of our Director of College Counseling and through Santa Catalina School’s Journey program, our experienced senior advising team works closely with members of the senior class. Each senior is assigned a senior advisor, who meets with her one-on-one throughout the fall semester to help her stay on top of every step in her college applications.

College Counseling Newsletter

Our College Counseling team sends out a weekly newsletter to students and parents with announcements, opportunities, and news from the wider college admissions world. Check out this year's issues below.