Boarding Life

Santa Catalina School girls in dorms

Boarding at Santa Catalina is filled with new experiences, with unique opportunities that our students make their own. They learn life skills with values that are only really learned by living in a community.

They are independent.
They are self-confident.
They are individuals.
They are good friends.
They are diverse.
They are caring.
They are patient and kind.
They share the needs of others.
They manage their own lives.
They make their own decisions.
They know themselves.
They listen and laugh.
They are comfortable with differences.
They learn to be flexible and sensitive.

All this happens during the days and evenings at Santa Catalina. A boarder's day begins with breakfast in the dining room. It might wind down with lacrosse practice, rehearsal for musical theater, or a Student-Faculty Senate meeting before she returns to her dorm to enjoy dessert with a faculty family, study, and settle in for the night with her friends.

Though only boarders have a campus mailing address, our campus is just as much a home away from home for day students. All enjoy projects, study groups, or overnights shared with boarder friends in the dorms. The entire school community takes part in the clubs, sports, and weekend activities we offer. We all come together to celebrate our school traditions, welcoming families and friends to join us for holiday dinners, formal dances, and outdoor adventures throughout the school year. Boarder and day form one special community at Santa Catalina.

Friendships from our community will last a lifetime.


Why boarding school?

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