When a student arrives on campus on move-in day, she meets a whole cast of people that will become her friends, neighbors, classmates, and second family. Seniors line the driveway, cheering and waving to welcome the parade of new students. A senior Big Sister will help her carry boxes and get herself settled into her new room. This sense of community, of having the support of everyone on campus, is an essential part of the Catalina experience.

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Roommates & Resident Faculty

Since 16 percent of our student body is international, a new student might find that her roommate is from China and her neighbor down the hall is from England. Every day she’ll be able to learn something new about a different country and culture, opening her mind to new customs and perspectives. Resident faculty members will become her mentors, offering advice and homework help in and out of the classroom.

Classmates &

Fellow students, boarding and day alike, will be her companions over the next four adventurous years of inquiry and discovery. Many of them will also be just down the hall if she wants a study partner, has a question about an assignment, or just feels like chatting with a friend.

Teachers &

Santa Catalina teachers and coaches are devoted mentors to their students. Striking a balance between challenging and nurturing, they guide each student toward success in classes, interscholastic sports, clubs, and college applications. The steady support of this community of instructors builds each student’s confidence in her abilities.

Resident Faculty Directory

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Katie Adams '09

Titles: Assistant Director, Summer at Santa Catalina
Phone Numbers:
School: 831.233.7411

Michelle Avery

Titles: Chair of Visual Arts Department, Art Teacher
Phone Numbers:
School: 831.655.9375

Katherine Burkhuch

Titles: Dean of Students, Freshman Class Dean & Activities Director
Phone Numbers:
School: 831.655.9313

Nicole Cofresi

Titles: Dance Teacher
Phone Numbers:
School: 831.233.7475

Jacqueline Gibbs

Titles: Religious Studies Teacher
Phone Numbers:
School: 831.655.9306