Students feel at home in the dorms and the dining room, across the lawns and gardens. They have warm, welcoming spaces to gather with friends, study, share a meal, and take some quiet time for themselves.


There are three dorms at Santa Catalina: Thompson, Greer, and Hills. The heart of each dorm is the common room, a place where students gather for movie nights, dorm meetings, and relaxation. Our resident faculty members are always available for a caring word and encouragement and help each student adjust to boarding life.


Sophomores and Juniors




Dining Room

Girls eating breakfast in dining room

Boarding students gather in the dining room for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. On Mondays, they come together with resident faculty members for Community Dinners, which may highlight world cuisines or feature performances from student groups.

With sustainability leader Bon Appétit as our in-house caterer, menus often feature locally grown, low-carbon fare, and leftovers are composted. And by harvesting fruit and vegetables from the school's organic garden, farm to fork is just a few steps away.



Off Campus

Venturing off campus, students explore downtown Monterey and Carmel, finding their favorite coffee shops and lunch spots as day students help boarders get to know the area. Weekend trips to San Francisco or hiking excursions in state and national parks give students the opportunity to enjoy a new sense of independence and dive into unfamiliar territory with confidence.