Weekends at Santa Catalina School are never dull. Whether a student chooses to stay on campus, head to the beach, or hop on a Catalina shuttle into town, there is always something for a Catalina girl to do to make the most of her weekend.

Day Trips

Throughout the year, the Office of Student Services plans trips up and down the California coast. Both boarding and day students board the bus up to San Francisco to shop and dine in Union Square or down to Big Sur for rock climbing and hiking.

Around Campus

On a typical Saturday or Sunday, a student might settle in on the couches in her dorm for a few hours of quiet studying, stretch out with a good book on the lawn, or get ready for an afternoon practice for her sports team. She can take a campus shuttle to downtown Carmel, Monterey, or Sand City and meet up with a day student who knows all the best lunch spots. On Sunday, she’ll get up for Mass in the Rosary Chapel, followed by brunch with friends in the dining room.

Traditions & Community

Special weekend traditions like Parents’ Weekend and Father-Daughter Weekend bring our campus community together and offer an array of activities for students to enjoy with their families.

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