Planned Giving

If you have already remembered Santa Catalina in your will or trust, or if you are interested in learning more, please let us know.


A simple, yet powerful, way to make a gift is to name Santa Catalina in your will or trust. In doing so, you may bequeath a monetary sum or a percentage of your estate. If you already have an up-to-date will or trust, you may add a provision for Santa Catalina through a codicil or trust amendment that states your latest intentions. Please refer to our Sample Language for Bequests for guidance.

Gifts of Retirement Funds

Qualified retirement plans offer an equally simple opportunity for investing in Santa Catalina’s future. If left in your estate, your heirs will pay income tax on these assets in addition to estate taxes, often amounting to a taxation of up to 75 percent. By bequeathing your retirement plan assets to Santa Catalina, you ensure that 100 percent of these funds will support your wishes.

Charitable Remainder Trusts

Charitable remainder trusts are individual trusts that can be funded with cash or appreciated property. Remainder annuity trusts distribute a fixed dollar amount of income, and remainder unitrusts distribute a variable amount either for a set term of years or for the lifetimes of the beneficiaries. Santa Catalina then receives the remainder of the trust assets. Advantages include:

  • Annual income for yourself and/or other beneficiaries
  • An immediate charitable deduction
  • Elimination of capital gains tax on appreciated assets
  • Estate tax savings
  • Freedom from the burden of managing the property you put in the trust

Charitable Lead Trusts

A lead trust pays income to Santa Catalina for a number of years or a lifetime and then transfers the principal in the trust back to you or to another individual of your choice. This strategy is extremely beneficial in reducing your estate taxes and offers best savings during low-interest markets.

Life Insurance

An outright gift of a fully paid life insurance policy makes an excellent charitable gift. You can also make Santa Catalina the beneficiary of an existing policy, or you can take out a new policy with Santa Catalina as the owner and beneficiary.

Retained Life Estates

You may gift your home, farm, or vacation home and retain the right to live there as long as you live. The result is an immediate charitable deduction on your income tax and a gift to Santa Catalina when you no longer need the property.

As with all substantial financial planning, please consult with your financial advisor to determine the best method for achieving your philanthropic goals while planning for your financial future. Also, we recommend that you contact the Development Office at Santa Catalina to inform them of your plans and the intent of your gift. The information on this website is not intended as legal advice. For legal advice, please consult an attorney.

Sisters' Legacy Circle

Anonymous (3)
Anonymous, Class of '64
Anonymous, Class of '89
Cass and Mike Antle (Catherine Slaughter '79)
Robert Balles
Sister Claire Barone
Kit and Peter Bedford (Kirsten Nelson '56)
Deborah Kneedler Berggren '53
The Estate of Joy and Alexander Blackhall
Patricia Bondesen-Smith '54
Laurie Washburn Boone Hogen '58
Barbara Bundy
The Robert M. Cea Family
The Estate of Norman P. Clement, Jr.
Ulrike Devoto '86
Ellen and Tom Dunnion
The Estate of Paul Eckman
Renata Engler '67
The Estate of Robert Folger Miller
M.F. Flynn '65
The Estate of Ines Mejia Folger
Marie and Jeff Gibb
The Estate of Sister Jean Gilhuly
The Estate of Barbara Goldie
Edward B. Goldie
Nancy and Philip Greer
Henry Grundstedt
Mardi Hack '58
The Estate of Jane and Lawrence Harris, Jr.
Nini Richardson Hart '61
Robin Hatcher '63
Megan Heister '95
Caroline Harris Henderson '61
Kathryn Prindiville Islip '61
Charlotte Kresl '72
Ann Kuchins '67
Julie Lambert '80
Catherine Lambetecchio '76
Shanda and Derek LeBoeuf
Susan Lee '92
Karen List Letendre '72
Samantha Lewis '97
Gini and Jim Luttrell
The Estate of Ginny Fiske Marshall '68
Karin McDermott '85
Tina Hanson McEnroe '70, '66 LS
Laurie Angel McGuinness '53
Susan Durney Mickelson '65
The Estate of Norman W. Miller
The Estate of Robert M. Moore
Ms. Jennifer and Leslie Moulton-Post
Willa and Ned Mundell
Joanne L. Nix '60
Angela Nomellini '71
The Estate of Sister Carlotta O'Donnell
The Estate of Cherie and Walter Pettit
Laura Knoop Pfaff '72
The Estate of Sally Post
Sister Christine Price
Nonie B. Ramsay '71
Alicia Read Hoggan '90
Jalynne Tobias Redman '72
The Estate of Rosemarie Rochex '54
The Estate of David and Maureen Rorick
Deborah Tanous Scofield '65
Laurie Severs
Jeanne Vibert Sloane '74
The Estate of Edward J. Stachowiak
Laura Stenovec '99
Constance Stevens
Natalie Stewart '63
Diana Blackhall Talcott '60
Louise and George Tarleton

The Sisters' Legacy Circle list is updated every year on July 1, the beginning of the school's fiscal year.

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