Our Visual Arts program offers experiences that inform and inspire a new language of communication with innovative approaches to problem solving, opportunities for in-depth exploration and collaboration, access to multimedia studios, and a solid foundation in the formal aspects of design.

Art 1

Art 1 is a first-year foundation course that introduces formal design tools and media through the use of process-based strategies. Extensive ideation practices, awareness of emerging visual language, informed innovation, and energized creativity are folded into an inspiring, multimedia art studio. Art 1 is a prerequisite for Art 2, Digital Media, and Ceramics.

Art 2

Art 2 is a second-year foundation course that continues the studies of Art 1. This course advances the exploration of formal design tools, media, and visual communication strategies in more advanced and complex ways. Articulation of message and a refinement of technical skills are at the heart of this process-oriented class. Art 2 is a prerequisite for Art 3.

Art 3

Art 3 is an advanced course that concentrates on preparing students for the demanding challenge of the subsequent Studio Art course. Students review advanced concepts in the formal aspects of art making, conceptual ideas of the 20th century, and the use of a wide variety of media, as well as the generative process of Design Thinking. The focus of this course is to develop an understanding of the student’s own visual language and to encourage and challenge the growth of her unique language. A wide breadth of aesthetic experiences helps implement the creation of an organized portfolio of artwork that may be used in the Studio Art course.

Studio Art

Studio Art is a challenging course focused on the production of a final portfolio of each student’s highest achievements in the visual arts. This course offers each student the opportunity to develop a unified body of work in great depth, address the unique nature of her visual language, and share her understanding of effective design strategies.


This entry-level course explores the hand-built engineering of ceramic sculpture, wheel-thrown form, surface application, and design. Students develop an understanding of the structural nature of clay and how to successfully create content-driven work in this pliable and culturally rich medium. Our studio is equipped with kick-wheel and electric pottery wheels, and various types of hand-building equipment aid in the creation of ceramic sculpture.

Digital Media

Digital Media is a course introducing the use of various forms of technology as a tool for visual communication. Students become familiar with the concepts and complexity of graphic design for products and websites through the use of Adobe CC applications. The course covers innovative marketing strategies that drive our visual culture, the symbiosis of experimental product design and science, and the work of contemporary digital media artists. Digital Media is a prerequisite for Photography 1.

Photography 1

An introduction to black-and-white photography, this course emphasizes darkroom techniques, exposure, film, and composition. Students learn to use the medium of photography as a mode of creative expression that helps them increase problem-solving abilities, experience informed criticism, heighten observational skills, and develop a greater understanding of the cultural context in which their work and historical works were created. Photography 1 is a prerequisite for Photography 2.

Photography 2

Photography 2 is an intermediate black-and-white laboratory course that instructs students in technical photographic processes and concepts while inspiring the creative exploration of imagery informed by student experience. In addition to advanced traditional film and darkroom techniques, students explore alternative processes that produce innovative, lens-based artwork. Students are introduced to digital photography as a serious art form through Adobe Photoshop CC and the flexibility of digital camera manipulation. Students learn to present their work in a professional manner with the creation of a final 12-piece portfolio.