Grade 10 Experience

During their second year of studies at Santa Catalina, sophomores continue to juggle challenging academics while delving deeper into extracurriculars, continuing with some and trying out new ones. Sophomores might take on more responsibilities in a club or extracurricular activity, start a new club, do more community service, become more involved in athletics, or try out for a play for the first time. The sophomore class hosts the annual Sophomore Dance for all students.

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Through our Journey program, sophomores embark on a year of self-reflection, with the goal of coming to a deeper understanding of what their gifts, talents, and long-term goals are. They learn what their top five strengths are by taking the StrengthsQuest© assessment and explore ways to further develop their academic and personal strengths. They learn how to form complementary partnerships with classmates, teammates, peers and adults, and learn important life skills, such as how to interview for a job, produce a résumé, and give an inspiring or thought-provoking speech. The Journey program helps sophomores develop their leadership skills by teaching them how to be good mentors and pairs them with a freshman mentee whom they meet with regularly throughout the school year.

College Exploration

Sophomores begin the process of college exploration through our advising program, Journey. They learn about standardized tests and plot out their testing timeline, take the PSAT, and develop a plan to improve their test scores. They also visit two college campuses and learn the basics of choosing the best and right college based on one’s unique gifts and long-term goals. Sophomores consider and are pushed to pursue meaningful leadership opportunities and summer activities.


English 2: British Literature
English 2 Honors

Foreign Language
French: Level 1 through Language AP*
Chinese: Level 1 through AP*
Spanish: Level 1 through AP
Literature & AP Language*
*Honors at level 3

Algebra 2
Algebra 2 with Trigonometry
Algebra 2 Honors
Precalculus Honors
AP Calculus AB

World History since 1500
AP World History

Religious Studies
Peace and Justice (one semester)
Scripture (one semester)

Chemistry Honors
**Marine Ecology Research 1

Art 2
Digital Media
Intermediate Drama
Chamber Choir
Chamber Ensemble (by audition)
Dance (Full Year)