Grade 11 Experience

Junior year brings new challenges and opportunities as students begin searching for the college that will be the best fit. Journey classes offer self-assessment and college planning support so each girl can determine her priorities for higher education. Now that they are upperclassmen, students are aware of their role as examples for younger classmates. They take on greater responsibility and leadership positions in student clubs and on sports teams.

Two speakers on TEDx stage

Juniors take on leadership roles in clubs, such as TEDxSantaCatalinaSchool.



English 3: American Literature
AP English Literature

U.S. History
AP U.S. History

Precalculus Honors
Introduction to Programming (one semester; required in addition to a math course)

Biology Honors
AP Chemistry
Marine Ecology Research 2 (taken in place of religious studies class)

Religious Studies
Philosophy (one semester)

World Languages
French: Level 1 through AP
Mandarin: Level 1 through AP
Spanish: Level 1 through AP
(Honors classes begin at Level 3)

Advising/Health & Wellness
Junior Journey

Art 3: Advanced 2-D
Advanced Drama
Chamber Choir
Chamber Ensemble (by audition)


Upperclassmen rise to leadership positions in student clubs. Juniors may serve as officers for Outdoor Adventure or French Club, or they might be editors for The Lamplighter or Mosaic. They also grow as leaders by serving as captains for any of Santa Catalina’s 12 sports teams.

College Selection

Journey classes help get girls prepared to apply to college. Students work with the college counselor to narrow down their top choices and to prepare for standardized testing so they can put together the strongest application possible.