Grade 9 Experience

During their first year at Santa Catalina, freshmen are introduced to Catalina culture, including new friends, roommates, and traditions. They also get a handle on the academic workload and balancing classes with sports and extracurriculars. While developing a sense of independence is important at this stage, freshmen are not alone. They have the constant guidance and support of teachers, advisors, upperclassmen, sophomore mentors, and their senior Big Sisters, who help them feel more at home on campus.

Girls in green spirit wear

Freshmen embrace their new school.



English 1: Introduction to Literature
English Grammar & Composition

World History to 1500: The Origins & Development of World Cultures

Algebra 1
Algebra 2
Algebra 2 Honors

Conceptual Physics

Religious Studies
World Religions

World Languages
French: Level 1 through AP
Mandarin: Level 1 through AP
Spanish: Level 1 through AP
(Honors classes begin at Level 3)

Advising/Health & Wellness
Freshman Journey
Introduction to Health and Wellness

Art 1: Foundations 2-D
Beginning Drama
Chamber Choir
Chamber Ensemble (by audition)


During freshman year, our Journey advising program introduces students to the culture of Santa Catalina and helps them to understand what is expected of them as students and as members of the community. Activities in Journey classes help girls forge relationships with new classmates and build confidence in themselves and one another. The freshmen host the annual Halloween Dinner, getting to know classmates better and further developing their leadership skills through the planning process, aided by their sophomore mentor.


Academic Challenge

Santa Catalina students work hard. No matter what school she may have attended before and how hard she may have worked, a new Catalina student pushes herself far out of her comfort zone in every area of study. Her academic drive will change as she finds herself in classes with other girls who are just as eager to work hard and learn.

Finding Balance

With such an array of courses, sports, clubs, and activities to get involved in, it is important for each freshman to find a sense of balance in her schedule. Understanding how much she can take on is an important part of understanding herself and preparing for college and a future career.