Arts Facilities

The Catalina community values creative expression as highly as academic and athletic excellence. Whether in the darkroom, the digital media lab, or the sunny art studios, in the 500-seat Performing Arts Center or the more intimate recital hall, students pursue their artistic passions in every medium.

Scroll through the slideshow below to learn more about our creative spaces.

Art Studios
Girls painting in an art studio

Our studio art spaces are bright and open, designed to cater to a variety of art making. Our studios house professional grade equipment, including a full-size Whelan press for printmaking, oak easels, electric throwing wheels, a slab roller, and various tools for hand building and wheel thrown art.

Digital Media Lab
Girls working together at a computer

Our spacious digital media lab houses a suite of computers running the latest edition of Adobe creative applications. The digital media studio also has studio lighting equipment and a set of Canon EOS DSLR cameras for photography and filmmaking.

Darkroom Photography Lab
Girls looking at black-and-white photographs

Students develop their own 35mm film and photographs in our darkroom. We currently have nine LPL C6700 enlargers complete with negative carriers and easels. State of the art Gralab electronic timers are used in conjunction with the enlargers. For printing purposes the darkroom is lit by a state of the art Duplex Super safelight to keep all light sensitive material safe and unexposed. All chemistry used in the lab is eco friendly and we recycle our fixer. Water is temperature controlled and filtered and the darkroom itself is heated and vented. A high quality rotary print trimmer paper cutter and mounting press are available and used by students for high quality exhibition and portfolio preparation.

Sister Carlotta Performing Arts Center
View of the stage from the back of the auditorium

The Sister Carlotta Performing Arts Center is a 500-seat professional theatre with a proscenium stage and stagehouse that is fully equipped with computerized lights and sound boards. The PAC also serves as instructional space for our acting and stage production classes.

Mary L. Johnson Music Center
Chamber ensemble rehearsing in music center

The Mary L. Johnson Music Center features a professional dance studio with a mirrored wall and spring-loaded floor, six private practice rooms, and a 150-seat recital hall with near-perfect acoustics.