Mathematics and Science Center

Opened in January 2016, this three-story facility houses classrooms, faculty offices, and informal gathering spaces for collaboration. Outdoor spaces include a courtyard seating area and a top-floor deck offering views of Jacks Peak and Monterey Bay.

Designed with social, environmental, and educational viewpoints in mind, the building itself is a learning tool. A cistern and filtration system allows students and teachers to monitor the quality of rainwater and filtered water, and a monitor in the lobby provides access to real-time data from the building’s solar panels.

Students and teachers enjoy visiting the saltwater aquaria, which are key components of the new building. Adjacent to the marine science lab on the lower level, the aquaria room is home to local sea life and serves as a hands-on learning lab. Students are also able to suit up in the field gear room before heading off to the tide pools of Monterey Bay.