Dance is a rigorous and beautiful art form that engages the use of the whole self, connecting mind, body, and heart. It is used in many settings, from physical fitness to self-exploration and expression. Students work from a simplistic understanding of the body's natural alignment to its widespread ability across different styles of dance. Dance builds upon strong technical foundations that enable dancers to move across the floor into more complicated choreographed works.

Students are able to take a variety of classes at all levels in ballet, contemporary, pointe, jazz, hip hop, musical theatre dance, and tap. Another general class offered is Strength & Flexibility, which helps prepare dancers and athletes alike with cardiovascular fitness and the creation of pliable and strong muscles. Through choreography, dancers are asked to create dynamic movement, which allows them to become more expressive and promotes kinesthetic awareness of their bodies in space and in relation to others around them.

Whether students hope to pursue dance beyond school or just for fun, the goal of the Dance program at Santa Catalina is to help each dancer reach her full potential by finding her voice through movement and therefore building self-confidence and joy.