Kickin' It With Kaylaa

Kaylaa Kawasaki '17 is a tennis player and has a strong passion for all things sports. In her podcast, Kaylaa interviews Athletic Director Paul Elliott, student athletes, former athletes, and faculty. She focuses on their perspective of the Santa Catalina athletics program and gives updates on how the teams are doing.

Kaylaa interviews Isabelle Redfield '17, her co-captain on the varsity tennis team.
Running time: 6:26.

It's a winter sports preview with soccer co-captain Charlotte Wade '17 and basketball co-captain Audrey Bennett '17.
Running time: 6:27.

Seniors Madigan Webb and Juliana Tarallo compare theater and athletics.
Running time: 4:49

Coach Elliott returns to the studio to check in with the winter sports teams and preview the spring season.
Running time: 11:02

Kaylaa talks to Taylor Moises '17 about balancing life as an actress and athlete.
Running time: 4:18

Coach Elliott is back to discuss the seniors from basketball and soccer as winter sports come to a close.
Running time: 15:09

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