College Counseling

At Santa Catalina, we want each of our graduates to go on to achieve great personal and professional success, and that begins with making the best college choice.

Santa Catalina School seniors wearing their college sweatshirts in front of the arch

“Our college counselors take the crazy out of the process.”
— Emma '19, Loyola Marymount University

Each student who comes through Santa Catalina brings her talents, ambitions, and goals. During her time here, she will come to know herself and the kind of future she wants to build. Our comprehensive advisory program, Journey, will guide her in this self-discovery process, and individual college counseling sessions will ensure that she submits the strongest application possible to the schools of her choice.

Our college counseling team works closely with each student and her family. Our goal is to help each young woman find the right program that is the best academic, extracurricular, and personal fit for her.

College counseling by the numbers

$2.7 million

Santa Catalina School scholarships offered in 2018

Scholarships offered
to the Class of 2018.


College flags that Santa Catalina School students applied to

The average number of schools each student applies to.

100 percent

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Students accepted to four-year colleges and universities.