Applying to College

Senior Year

  • Attend individual meetings with college counselor to refine college lists and get assistance with any related matters.
  • Attend weekly class meetings with college counselor.
  • Attend appropriate college representative presentations.
  • Register for and take SAT/Subject Tests/ACT/TOEFL as needed.
  • Acquire additional application materials.
  • Fill out Secondary School Report or Transcript Request forms and give to college counselor well in advance of deadlines.
  • Complete and submit any Early Decision/Early Action applications by the deadlines.
  • Complete and submit University of California and/or California State applications by November 30.
  • Complete and submit regular applications prior to the deadlines.
  • Fill out and submit all financial aid forms by the deadlines.
  • May 1: Select a college to attend.

Junior Year

October Take PSAT/NMSQT.


Attend selected college presentations during free periods.


Register for January SAT.


Register for March SAT.


Register for May SAT or SAT Subject Tests. For the SAT Subject Tests, carefully consider which tests to take, especially courses taken only in or up to the junior year.


Schedule individual appointments with college counselor to prepare preliminary college lists. Attend group planning meetings with college counselor.

Think about teachers to write recommendations.


Register for June SAT or SAT Subject Tests if desired.


Select teachers to write recommendations and give to each the required materials.


Contact colleges to request information. Visit colleges and schedule interviews.

Sophomore Year

October Take PSATs for practice.
College Trip


Consider taking SAT Subject Test in any area not likely to be taken again (e.g. chemistry).

All Year

Start familiarizing yourself with colleges and careers.