Community Service

Santa Catalina School students doing book crafts with young girls from Salinas schools

Community service is a vital component of our school's educational mission. Students are offered opportunities to participate in community service activities throughout the year, such as volunteering to serve food at Dorothy’s Kitchen, tending a community garden for Everyone's Harvest, or building friendships with at-risk girls in Salinas. Students can also participate in activities such as the Catalina Children’s Fund, Model U.N., or our Peace and Justice club.

These opportunities create a greater awareness of the students' citizenship and her responsibility toward others. Students are thus educated to become community leaders of intellectual excellence who serve God by offering service to others. Such an emphasis is reinforced in the religious studies courses, but involvement in community service and other activities, such as the annual Food Fast, raise the consciousness of students to the plight of others in the world with the impact of these efforts being realized in the school community and beyond.

By encountering others with real needs, students discover gratitude for their own gifts and become empowered by the realization that they can help change the world. Such gratitude and power can increase a sense of duty and hopefully inspire students to dedicate themselves more fully to the service of others.

Local Partnerships

As a part of the Journey program, our students dedicate several afternoons throughout the school year to community service on the Monterey Peninsula. Working in small groups, students and their faculty chaperones partner with many local organizations, including:

  • Food Bank for Monterey County: Students package and distribute food for people in need.
  • Dorothy’s Kitchen: Students engage in the preparation and serving of food for homeless clients and people in need.
  • Gateway Center: Our students participate in outdoor gardening and spend time visiting the residents of this home for adults with challenges.
  • Ag Against Hunger: Students harvest fields and collect food for people in need.
  • Ave Maria Senior Living: Students visit with residents.
  • Monterey Parks: Students participate in habitat restoration and beach cleanups across the peninsula.
  • Everyone's Harvest: Students tend a community garden whose goal is to support marginalized people in gaining access to fresh, local, organic produce.

Outside of school, many of our students also volunteer at the following sites:

  • Boys & Girls Clubs of Monterey
  • Community Hospital of the Monterey Peninsula
  • Monterey Bay Aquarium

Santa Catalina School is recognized as a Gold-Level Global High School with Catholic Relief Services. Learn about the ways students advocate for poverty-stricken people around the world.