Distance Learning

At Santa Catalina, relationships and community are at the core of our educational mission. Our commitment has been to take this mission and adapt it to our virtual world.

Program Overview

At a Glance

Take a quick look at all of the ways we engage our students online.

Go Deeper

Assistant Head of Upper School Peter Myers walks you through our program.

Rather than following their normal daily class schedule, students engage in a combination of learning experiences: synchronous and asynchronous. This combined approach not only allows students and teachers to maintain their strong relationships, but it also allows students to work on material when it suits their schedule and home environment best. Because we want distance learning to be as meaningful as possible, we constantly reevaluate our program based on feedback from students, teachers, and parents.

Synchronous Meeting Schedule

Typically, classes have two synchronous meetings each week. In addition, teachers offer office hours during which students may seek additional help. Synchronous classes are recorded and made available to any student who is unable to attend due to differing time zones or family schedules.

Student Support

We continue to offer all of the support our students receive while on campus.

  • All teachers host regular office hours and are available for one-on-one meetings.
  • Advisors continue to connect with their students synchronously on a regular basis in order to support student learning and socio-emotional well-being.
  • Our college counselors continue to meet with students and provide information through their News and Views newsletter.
  • Our counselor, Gabrielle Snowden, regularly provides helpful resources and is available for virtual meetings.


Health and Well-Being

As we shift to becoming an online community, we remain committed to the promotion of each student's well-being. Through our virtual learning platform, Schoology, we provide a wealth of resources for students in every area of our Wheel of Well-being. Examples include:

  • Workout routines with their favorite coaches
  • Information on the relationship of nutrition and sleep to the immune system
  • Advice on how to build an ergonomic workstation
  • Content on how to stay connected while being physically apart
  • Links to inspirational content for the spirit

In addition, Athletic Director Paul Elliott and other coaches provide sport-specific workouts for their athletes.

Staying Connected

Relationships are at the center of everything we do at Santa Catalina, so it’s important to us that we keep our community connected. In addition to regular communication between teachers and students, we keep our community informed and engaged through our newsletter, on social media, and on our COVID-19 page.