Health & Wellness Initiative

The vision for Santa Catalina's Health and Wellness Initiative is to foster a culture of self-care and balance so that all will aspire to well-being in its fullest. This vision is lived out through awareness of one's physical, mental, and spiritual life and is cultivated through curiosity and self-discovery, curricular and extra-curricular opportunities, relational community, and personal responsibility.

Santa Catalina School girls laugh and clap during a junior health and wellness retreat.


The practice of being present supports our well-being and prepares us to reflect on our physical, mental, social, and spiritual lives. Entering into the sacredness of each moment brings our attention to the present as a way of discovering ourselves, others, and God. It is the foundation of the Santa Catalina Wheel of Well-Being.

Through the framework of PRESENT, students are led through curriculum and application of the seven dimensions of health:

Personal Development
Relationships and Communication
Exercise and Movement
Nutrition and Hydration
Time for Rest

Health and Wellness Committees

Two committees—one made up of administrators, faculty, and alumnae, and another made up of students—meet regularly to guide the development of the health and wellness initiative. The student committee, selected through a nomination process, is made up of senior, junior, and sophomore day and boarding students. The committee represents the student body, giving their classmates a voice in the implementation of various programs.