Clubs & Activities

Clubs and activities provide opportunities to make new friends and develop self-confidence. Students broaden their cultural exposure, contribute to school and community life, and discover new interests and talents. Each year students create new clubs!

Accents: This club encourages expression and feeling through dance. Accents performs annually at the B. R.E.A.L. Show; auditions are required.

Animal Welfare: Through volunteer work and fundraising, the club supports SPCA and the Salinas Animal Shelter. The group informs the community about animal welfare issues and possible solutions.

B.U.R.R.I.T.O. (Brazen Underground Really Random Improv Troupe Organization): A comedy and improvisational troupe, members learn improv techniques and provide entertainment for the school community. The troupe performs at the annual B. R.E.A.L Show; auditions are required.

Catalina Cooking Society: Exploring the nature of food and the art of cooking, while also providing insight into other cultures, members practice cooking techniques and skills associated with the culinary arts.

Catalina Children's Fund: The Children’s Fund promotes social development for children in need of financial support. The club sponsors eight children, from five different countries, in an effort to help them build better lives.

Catalina Lookbook: The Catalina Lookbook Club is a student-run blog to cultivate the skills of styling, journalism, photography, and art. This club is built on creativity.

Catalinan (yearbook): For students interested in photography, editorial, layout design, proofreading, writing, art, or even business, there are lots of opportunities on yearbook. The Catalinan staff reveal the dedication and theme of the yearbook at a special assembly in May.

Chinese Club: The Chinese Club educates the school community about Chinese culture and traditions, and is an additional learning component for students interested in studying or currently studying the Chinese language.

Computer Science/Girls Who Code: The club expands their knowledge of programming languages and explores what it means to code.

ecco!: ecco! is an a capella performance group. The group performs at various school events, including the B. R.E.A.L. Show, each year. Auditions are required.

F.A.B. Inc.: Finance and business is the focus of the club and introduces students to finance and business strategies and topics. Developing entrepreneur plans and participating in a simulated stock market are two goals of the club.

Filmmaking: This club promotes and supports interests in film and cinematography. Students learn and practice filmmaking skills.

French Club: The French Club educates the school community about French culture and traditions, and is an additional learning component for students interested in studying or currently studying the French language.

GC: Named after the abbreviation for graphite, GC serves as a support group for budding artists and maintains a collaborative art environment.

Give Back: Give Back is a service-focused club, which organizes and pursues the completion of service projects.

Global Interest: This club seeks out and discusses current events, particularly those of a global nature. Members share issues and topics in a friendly environment, while receiving positive coaching about the best ways to discuss potentially difficult or challenging topics.

In Focus: In Focus is an art and fashion blog showcasing student work, including photography and film. Students share their talents beyond the constraint of a specific artistic form.

Inklings: Inklings is a creative writing club, with members typically submitting work to Mosaic. Members discuss their interest in writing and literature.

International Culture Club: Members discuss global issues in relation to specific countries that the club is focusing on at any given time. Their mission is simple: “Eat in Europe, pray in Asia, and be back in time for second period.”

Lady Rhythmics: Considered Catalina’s official body percussion group, members make wonderful and rhythmic sounds using only their bodies. The group performs at the annual B. R.E.A.L Show; auditions are required.

Lamplighter (student newspaper): All students are invited to apply for staff writer, photographer, and illustrator positions for the student newspaper.

Mosaic (literary magazine): Mosaic includes poems, short stories, drawings, and photographs by students. The editorial staff collects submissions and reviews them, determining which to publish in a printed and bound book.

Math Club (Pi Enthusiasts): The Math Club, also known as Pi Enthusiasts, focuses on making math fun and exciting, while preparing students for math competitions.

Peace and Justice: Peace and Justice has been an active and established club for over a decade. The club promotes the just treatment of individuals around the world. In addition to a number of annual activities, the club volunteers at Boys and Girls Club and participates in an annual food fast.

Political Club: Political Club informs and engages all students, no matter their political beliefs. With engaging discussions and frequent review of controversial issues, the club is safe and supportive for students to explore their political beliefs.

R4: The R4 club is Catalina’s established environmental club. The mission of R4 is to raise awareness about environmental issues locally and globally.

Reverb: Reverb focuses on musical performance and writing, and showcases the club members’ talents through performance. The group performs annually at the B. R.E.A.L Show; auditions are required.

Sailing Club: For girls who want to spend time learning and having fun while out on the water, the club is open to all levels. The Sailing Club meets on the weekends as a recreational sports club.

Santa Catalina Robotics: The Robotics Club gives young women an opportunity to explore and discover the fields of STEM. All are welcome to join, but must commit to the club before build season.

Smile Train: The mission of Smile Train is to fundraise for the Smile Train Organization, which provides children with free cleft palate surgery all over the world.

Spanish Club: The Spanish Club educates the school community about Spanish culture and traditions, and is an additional learning component for students interested in studying or currently studying the Spanish language.

Speech and Debate: The Speech and Debate Club helps students improve their debate and public speaking skills. Members are encouraged to participate in bi-weekly meetings and be an active voice in the club community.

S.U.P. (Stand Up Paddleboarding): Students of all grades enjoy aquatic adventures such as paddleboarding and other activities. The club is a fun opportunity to get off campus on the weekends, while getting a morning workout and taking advantage of the beautiful location.

Surfing Club: Surfing Club provides an opportunity to spend time outside learning to surf, or to bond in a micro-community of fellow surfers.

TEDxSantaCatalinaSchool: Through hosting TEDxSantaCatalinaSchool, students are inspired, gain knowledge, and are exposed to new and thought-provoking speakers.

The Sandwich Club: The mission of the Sandwich Club is simple. The members make sandwiches to donate and share with those in need.

Thespian Society: Working with The Thespian Festival, students bring their love of theatre to the International Thespian Festival, a celebration of student achievement in the performing arts.

Try Club: Try Club is an interest-based club that promotes the opportunities to try new things. Club activities include trying new foods and activities.

(W)rap: Members of this club use their common interests and skills to make wraps for the hungry, wrap gifts for charity fundraisers, and share their raps with the community as entertainment.