Clubs & Activities

Clubs and activities provide opportunities to make new friends and develop self-confidence. Students broaden their cultural exposure, contribute to school and community life, and discover new interests and talents. A Club Fair each fall lets students learn about new opportunities from the clubs' students leaders—and students create new clubs every year!

Two students at table, one holding up sign that says Malaysia
Group of students on stage with unzipped red hoodies and shirts that spell %22BREAL!!%22
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Accents: This club encourages expression and feeling through dance. Accents performs annually at the B. R.E.A.L. Show; auditions are required.

Alegria: The mission of Alegria is to raise funds to provide children with free cleft palate surgery all over the world.

AWAKE (Aid for Animals): The purpose of this club is to raise money for animals in need, working alongside the SPCA of Monterey County.

Beach Club: Club members expand their knowledge about the ocean and learn to care for the marine environment. Activities include beach cleanups, surfing lessons, and discussions about human impacts on the ocean and ways to help.

B.U.R.R.I.T.O. (Brazen Underground Really Random Improv Troupe Organization): A comedy and improvisational troupe, members learn improv techniques and provide entertainment for the school community. The troupe performs at the annual B. R.E.A.L Show; auditions are required.

Brightway Club: This club provides hands-on opportunities for students who are interested in exploring the field and the process of filmmaking. Club members take on roles such as director, scriptwriter, actor, editor, and other positions that are part of a film production crew.

Cardz for Kidz: Students make creative and caring cards for kids in children's hospitals across the world, striving to brighten their days through kind and encouraging messages.

Catalina Children's Fund: The Children’s Fund promotes social development for children in need of financial support. The club sponsors eight children, from five different countries, in an effort to help them build better lives.

Catalinan (yearbook): For students interested in photography, editorial, layout design, proofreading, writing, art, or even business, there are lots of opportunities on yearbook. The Catalinan staff reveal the dedication and theme of the yearbook at a special assembly in May.

Chemistry Club: Members of the Chemistry Club seek to help others better understand chemistry and strive to expand their own knowledge of chemistry beyond the current courses.

Chinese Language and Culture Club: The Chinese Club educates the school community about Chinese culture and traditions, and is an additional learning component for students interested in studying or currently studying the Chinese language.

Cougars in STEM: Students who are passionate about sustainability and science work on mini projects to present to the public as a community service.

ecco!: This a capella performance group performs at various school events, including the B. R.E.A.L. Show, each year. Auditions are required.

Entrepreneur and Business Club: Students learn about the business world, build skills, and learn about the process of starting a business while interviewing successful business leaders and entrepreneurs.

Fencing Club: Students learn about discipline, partnership, and hard work through the art of fencing.

French Language and Culture Club: Students deepen their appreciation for French culture through food, music, movies, and holiday celebrations. This club is an additional learning component for students interested in studying or currently studying the French language.

Girls Learn International: This club is part of an international organization that empowers and educates students "to advocate for human rights, equality, and universal education in the U.S. and around the world.”

International Thespian Society: Students bring their love of theatre to the International Thespian Festival, a celebration of student achievement in the performing arts.

Korean Culture Club: Students from Korea help their peers learn about Korean culture, from food and pop culture to history.

Lady Rhythmics: This body percussion group performs at various school events, including the B. R.E.A.L. Show, each year. Auditions are required.

Lamplighter (student newspaper): All students are invited to apply for staff writer, photographer, and illustrator positions for the student newspaper.

Math and Physics Club: Club members aim to extend math practice outside of the classroom through serving as peer tutors in the Math Tutoring Center and preparing students for math contests such as California Math League and American Mathematics Competitions. The club also includes a physics and astronomy component.

Mock Trial: All members of this club participate in rehearsed trials to learn about the legal system in a competitive manner. Participants are educated about the American justice system and practice public speaking, debate, and formal presentations.

Model U.N.: Model U.N. is an educational club in which students can learn about diplomacy, international relations, and the United Nations. The club attends two regional conferences each year.

Mosaic (literary magazine): Mosaic includes poems, short stories, drawings, and photographs by students. The editorial staff collects submissions and reviews them, determining which to publish in a printed and bound book.

National Honor Society: The National Honor Society is a nationwide organization to which students can apply. Selection is based on four criteria: scholarship, leadership, service, and character. The mission of the Catalina NHS chapter is to deliver high-quality service with academic excellence.

Peace and Justice Club: Peace and Justice has been an active and established club for over a decade. The club promotes the just treatment of individuals around the world. In addition to a number of annual activities, like the local United Nations Association international film festival, the club participates in an annual food fast.

R4 (Reduce, Reuse, Recycle, and Renew): The R4 club is Catalina’s established environmental club. The mission of R4 is to raise awareness about environmental issues locally and globally.

Reverb: Reverb focuses on musical performance and writing, and showcases the club members’ talents through performance. The group performs annually at the B. R.E.A.L Show; auditions are required.

Robotics (Nuns-N-Bolts): This club is an extension of Catalina's FIRST Robotics competition team. Its goal is to enrich students' knowledge of the basic principles of robotics engineering, from coding to assembly.

Rugby Club: Focused on spreading women's rugby culture, the club aims to expose students to the game and the values of passion, discipline, and respect.

Safe Space: Safe Space provides an environment and opportunity for students to meet and discuss issues of gender identity and sexual orientation, respect, and human dignity. Students who participate in Safe Space also engage in service projects.

Spanish Club: This club educates the school community about Spanish culture and traditions, and is an additional learning component for students interested in or currently studying Spanish.

Student Senate: Senate is composed of students who are elected to their positions. This is Catalina's version of student government.

TEDxSantaCatalinaSchool: Students work together to plan, organize, and present an official TEDx event on campus each year. Roles include speaker curation, public relations, technology support, and more.

Tutoring Club: This club focuses on peer tutoring in a one-on-one space. Tutors are matched with a student who needs help in a specific area. Members also provide tutoring services to children in the local community.

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