Leadership Opportunities

At Santa Catalina, we call on every young woman to be a leader. We believe that leadership is a collaborative, relationship-building process guided by moral and spiritual values with the purpose of improving our world. The development of exemplary leadership skills is one of the most important components of the Catalina experience.


In Journey, Santa Catalina School’s advising program, students learn about leadership by learning first about themselves. Once they know and understand their own strengths, they learn to discern and develop strengths and talents in others. At Catalina, our students understand that a leader must bring together a group’s set of diverse talents to powerfully achieve the best outcomes.

Elections and Appointments

Each class elects officers for leadership positions in the Student Senate. Upperclassmen are also eligible to be elected to the Discipline Committee, where they promote integrity and personal responsibility within the Catalina community. Seniors with exceptionally strong leadership potential may also apply to be prefects, where they take on responsibilities in the dorms and serve as a link between students, faculty, and administration.


Clubs are another great way to take on a leadership role: Most clubs have elections or applications to choose new leadership teams each year, meaning girls can join the TEDxSantaCatalinaSchool planning team, rise through the ranks of the environmental club, or even start a club of their own.