On the scenic Monterey Peninsula, a short walk from downtown Monterey, the Santa Catalina School campus comprises 36 acres of traditional and modern buildings that house spaces for learning, living, and spiritual reflection. Athletic fields and facilities welcome recreational play and competition. Spaces dedicated to the arts invite performance and visual expression. Tying these together are lush green lawns and colorful, flowering gardens.

Coming to the Monterey Bay for boarding school, you want to take advantage of all the opportunities you have. What better place to do marine science than here?
~Jayme '16, Boarding Student from Alamo, California

Off campus, there is more to explore. The streets of downtown Monterey and Carmel are lined with shops and restaurants that students love to visit. The beach beckons girls to relax with friends on weekends. Just a few miles down the road is Big Sur, where the hiking trails and panoramic views draw adventurous students to see how high they can climb. Only two hours from San Francisco, Santa Catalina School is also the perfect starting point for day trips to big-city museums, shops, and other attractions.