Catalina unites, PreK-12, for first all-school pep rally

Santa Catalina School held its first all-school spirit rally on November 3, uniting students in PreK-Grade 12 in games, laughter, and cheers. It was an energetic and fun-filled event that served to highlight the strength of our relationships.

The student senates for Santa Catalina School and Santa Catalina Lower and Middle School met together to plan the event, and they served as emcees.

Students were divided into four teams where each high school class joined a mixed-grade group of Lower and Middle School students. Students came decked out in their team colors: white, blue, yellow, or red.

Members of each team competed in a series of fun games, such as hitting a balloon across the gym, getting a cookie from forehead to mouth, and stepping through a hula hoop while joining hands. All the while, students cheered wildly from the stands for their teammates. The event ended with an epic tug of war battle between high school and lower school faculty (high school won).

After the scores were tallied, the white team emerged victorious—but perhaps not for long. The friendly competition is set to continue throughout the year.

See photos from the spirit rally on SmugMug.

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