Mentos and soda a winning combo for Cougars in STEM club

Santa Catalina School’s Cougars in STEM club organized an “explosive” demonstration for students involving the legendary combination of Mentos and soda.

Club member Coco ’25 set up a friendly competition where teams of students and faculty guessed which soda would create the most dramatic eruption when it came in contact with the minty candy. The student teams were organized by class and the faculty teams by department. Participants were presented with a choice of Dr Pepper, Fanta, Sprite, Coke, and two mystery sodas, labeled A and B. The mystery sodas were later revealed to be Diet Coke (A) and Mountain Dew (B).

A line of sodas erupt from 2-liter bottles.

In a demonstration on the turf outside Study Hall during Assembly, students watched as teachers carefully dropped a stack of Mentos into each bottle at once and soda shot into the sky. Diet Coke was the clear winner—as were the sophomores and art and world languages faculty who picked it.

Coco said she came up with the idea as a fun and easy way to raise interest in the club. Find out more about the Mentos-Diet Coke combo in this MythBusters video.

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