Santa Catalina forms second sister school partnership

In a deepening commitment to global education, Santa Catalina School has formed its second partnership with an independent school overseas.

Downe House School in West Berkshire, England, is Santa Catalina’s newest sister school, a partnership that opens up international exchange opportunities. Santa Catalina became a sister school with France’s Saint-Denis International School in fall 2022 and welcomed two exchange students at the start of 2023.

Catalina sophomores will have the opportunity to attend Downe House or Saint-Denis for a three-week exchange in the upcoming fall semester. In turn, Santa Catalina will host exchange students from both schools in spring 2024.

Founded in 1907, Downe House is one of England’s leading all-girls independent boarding schools. Santa Catalina is excited about the opportunities that lie ahead as the relationship between the two schools develops.

(Photo: Catalina students give a Downe House representative a tour of campus in May.)

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