Sports Awards ceremony celebrates a year in athletics

Santa Catalina School celebrated the 2021-22 Cougar athletes at a Sports Awards ceremony on May 25.

To lots of cheers, athletes were called to the gym floor sport by sport as coaches handed awards to key players. Check out photos from the ceremony.

Athletic Director Paul Elliott, who will be starting a beach volleyball program at Southern Oregon University next year, concluded the event with a heartfelt message for the students. "I want to let you know how great you all are and what a phenomenal school this is. We do it right. We win with class, we lose with grace, we compete hard. ... Everything we do at this school is amazing, and you know what? It's because of you."

Congratulations to the following athletes!

Cross Country
Most Valuable Player: Caitlin Kostka '22
Most Improved Player: Sofia Rivera '24
Coach’s Award: Sutton Pinkus '22

Field Hockey
Most Valuable Player: Angie Leissner '22
Coach’s Award: Tarn Reilly '23
“She Did It For The Team”: Sofia McHugh '25

Most Valuable Player: Grace Huang '24
Most Improved Player: Reena Dail '23
Coach’s Award: Haily Wang '24

JV Tennis
Most Valuable Player: Holly Liu '22
Most Improved Player: Ava Kruger '24
Coach’s Award: Katie Hui '23

Varsity Tennis
Most Valuable Player: Lara Yuan '23
Most Improved Player: Lexi Blond '23
Coach’s Award: Kaly De la Vega '22

JV Volleyball
Most Valuable Player: Savannah Hardy '25
Most Improved Player: Sofia Vea '25
Coach’s Award: Sophia Tonini '24

Varsity Volleyball
Most Valuable Player: Anna Yeh '23
Coach’s Award: Sofia Luna '24
Spirit Award: Helen Yenson '22

Water Polo
Most Valuable Player: Amalie Hansch '22
Most Improved Player: Riley Barringer '24
Coach’s Award: Liliana Pedroni '23

JV Basketball
Coach’s Award: Maddy Ginette '24
Coach’s Award: Skyler Smith '24
Coach’s Award: Dharma Ragsdale-Cronin '24

Varsity Basketball
Most Valuable Player: Maddy Foletta '22
Most Improved Player: Olivia Gorum '22
Coach’s Award: Gianna Campo '22

JV Soccer
Most Valuable Player: Sawyer Vogel '25
Team Spirit: Frederica Hirschfeld '25
“Solid as a Rock”: Sofia Rivera '24

Varsity Soccer
Most Valuable Player: Angie Leissner '22
Rookie of the Year: Liliana Pedroni '23
“Just a Freshman”: Olivia Da Silva '25

Offensive Player of the Year: Fia Enea '23
Defensive Player of the Year: Cailin Templeman '22
Most Improved Player: Maniya Dorsey '25

Most Valuable Player: Riley Neikirk '23
Most Improved Player: Cora Derbin '24
Coach’s Award: Kaila Huynh '23

JV Swimming
Most Valuable Player: Anna Gorman '23
Most Improved Player: Ines Larrauri '24
Coach’s Award: Piper May '24

Varsity Swimming
Most Valuable Player: Riley Barringer '24 and Eleanor Song '24
Most Improved Player: Sara Harley '23
Coach’s Award: Jacqueline Palshaw '22

Track & Field
Most Valuable Player, Track: Juliette Kosmont '23
Most Valuable Player, Field: Nadia Aligawesa '23
Coach’s Award: Audrey Morrison '23

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