Students soak up Italian history and culture on global education trip

Santa Catalina School students immersed themselves in Italian history and culture during a global education trip over Easter break.

About 40 students made the journey, enjoying cultural sites, cathedrals, and museums in Rome and Florence. The trip was the first under Santa Catalina’s new global education initiative.

Highlights included attending Palm Sunday Mass led by Pope Francis; visiting the Sistine Chapel, Colosseum, and the tomb of St. Catherine of Siena, Santa Catalina’s patron saint; learning how to make pasta from scratch; and enjoying lunch at a Tuscan farm. In a silver lining moment, a group of students and chaperones whose return flight was delayed got to experience how Italians celebrate Easter Mass (there were fireworks).

Uso ’23 said the trip offered the opportunity to broaden her global perspective and strengthen her friendships. “My favorite part of the trip was not only getting to see beautiful pieces of architecture and art in person, such as David by Michelangelo, but also getting the opportunity to be immersed into Italian culture with such a diverse group of girls,” she said. “I absolutely loved getting to know both students and teachers on a deeper level through this travel experience.”

The journey offered a perfect mixture of deep learning and adventure, providing everything needed for the trip of a lifetime.

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