Health and wellness initiative ramps up
Health and wellness initiative ramps up

Santa Catalina's new health and wellness initiative continues to ramp up, with a refurbished fitness center, a cooking demo, and discussions surrounding sleep and technology among the goings-on in the first half of this year.

The fitness center benefited from a number of touch-ups, and students were introduced to the changes at an open house on March 7. The ellipticals, treadmills, and stationary bikes were reorganized, and informational posters were added that describe how to use the equipment and weights and which muscle groups are activated. New partitions better separate the space from the adjoining photography darkroom. The fireplace got a new screen, outside risers were lowered to make way for the beautiful views, a water cooler was added, and photos of Catalina athletes now decorate the walls. In addition, the school has offered 15-minutes fitness training sessions with girls wanting to create an individual workout plan.

On March 10, chef Natalie Burke '99 came to campus to lead a vegetarian/vegan cooking demonstration. On the menu: chia seed pudding, cannellini bean soup, and avocado toast. The goal was to educate and inspire vegetarian students to make good choices in the dining room and teach them how to create delicious, easy, and protein-rich snacks in the dorm or at home.

Throughout the month, Director of Health and Wellness Liz Hulme has also been sharing information about technology and well-being, and the students have been discussing the topic in their advisory classes. In April, the program will focus on stress management and resiliency.

Going forward, a newly formed Student Health and Wellness Committee will lend their voices to content and activities. The 10-member committee is a mix of day and boarding students and includes sophomores, juniors, and seniors.

The vision for Santa Catalina's health and wellness initiative is to foster a culture of self-care and balance so that all will aspire to well-being in its fullest and will choose to make it so.

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