23 students participate in 'Thinking Out Loud' exhibit
23 students participate in 'Thinking Out Loud' exhibit

Twenty-three Santa Catalina School students are represented at the Carl Cherry Center for the Arts' Thinking Out Loud Monterey County high school art exhibit.

Their artwork and photographs will be on display through March 23 at the Carmel gallery. As a fun bonus, the poster for the exhibit features the work of Sarah Scheetz '21. You can see all of the artwork on SmugMug.

Congratulations to the following students:

Alicia Rector '19
Allison Lorentz '20
Amira Chou '19
Anna Cole '21
Brooke Borgia '20
Carson Vogel '22
Chanel Sun '20
Damiera Cruz '20
Emily Oh '21
Gabriella Nagy '20
Hailey Boe '20
Jessica Clements '20
Jessica Crump '19
Madeleine Nowak '20
Marina Butler '21
Mariana Fernandez Trevino '19
Maya Pruthi '19
Mia Campo '20
Milan Coleman '22
Nicole Korinetz '21
Samantha Scattini '21
Sarah Scheetz '21
Suzett Cardenas Kastis '20

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