3 seniors get paid summer internship with A^3
3 seniors get paid summer internship with A^3

Three seniors have been awarded paid summer internships with A³, the Silicon Valley innovation hub of Airbus, where students took a class field trip in December.

Seniors in the Computer Science & Technology and Advanced Topic Physics classes visited on December 5. The students heard details about a paid summer internship opportunity with Project Monark, which aims to help improve weather forecasting.

On January 8, several finalists plus an alternate were selected as candidates for the internship, and were asked to present their technical background and skills to Mike Vergalla, project executive of Monark, and Bix Cruz (father of Damiera Cruz '20), head of U.S. recruiting.

On January 16, Chanel Sun, Madeleine Nowak, and Taylor Ford were selected for the paid internship with A³ during summer 2020. The internship provides an opportunity for the students to deepen their interest in STEM-related fields and to spark their curiosity about working with Silicon Valley startups.

Congratulations to Chanel, Madeleine, and Taylor!

(Photo: Project Executive Mike Vergalla tells students about Project Monark in December.)

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