7th annual TEDxSCS asks you to 'Picture This'
7th annual TEDxSCS asks you to 'Picture This'

Picture something, anything, that you've wanted for yourself or your community. Now make it your reality. What's stopping you?

From a student in search of "home" to a CEO wanting to make healthier ones, from a Marine Corps major helping stray animals to an artist and magazine publisher helping humans be their best selves, the speakers at TEDxSantaCatalinaSchool offered their inspiring takes on the event's theme, "Picture This."

More than a year in the making, the seventh-annual TEDxSCS took place February 12. It is an entirely student-run production, with co-heads Sarah Sallee '21 and Sarah Scheetz '21 leading a 44-person club broken into teams for human resources, PR, speaker curation, technology, venue, and website. This year, the students added video production and livestreaming to their duties under the guidance of Bill and Tricia Roden of New Dawn Studios in Monterey.

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Here is a brief recap of each of this year's speakers.

Kaitlin '21
"The Power to Choose Your Home"

Kaitlin was born and raised in Saudi Arabia, moving with her Scottish mother and Japanese-American father to Monterey in 2016. She shared her perspective on being a "third culture kid" and how her notion of "home" has been shaped by her unique background. "If I have learned anything from being a third world kid, it is that home is not a geographical location. It is the feeling of being loved by those around you," she said.

Bill Hayward, CEO of Hayward Lumber
"The Urgency of Transformation"

Hayward talked about the pivotal moments that led him to take his local, family-owned company in more socially conscious directions. When he realized how big of an impact the lumber industry has on forests, he made strides to make the company more sustainable. And when his family got sick because of unhealthy air in their home, he and his wife made it their mission to help others identify and address health issues caused by their living environments.

Marine Corps Maj. Julia Weber, Naval Postgraduate School Operations Research student
"What Do You See?"

Maj. Weber shared her thoughts on being a global citizen and answering the call to lead in innovative ways. During her time working in the U.S. Embassy in Islamabad, Pakistan, a friend of hers founded an organization to improve the conditions of stray animals. Weber led a team of volunteers in building much-needed dog shelters. With vision, leadership, and resources, Weber said, we have the power to turn problems into opportunities.

John Burton, artist and production designer
"The Courage to be Creative"

Charting the course of his career from fine artist to production designer and his changing notion of what being an artist is, Burton talked about the importance of the individual experience. "Don't be the second best someone else," he said. "Be the best you."

Amanda Nachman, founder and CEO of College magazine
"You Are More Qualified Than You Think"

Nachman, who empowers young professionals as a career fulfillment speaker, noticed that we tend to undersell ourselves. "No matter how many certifications you have, you may always feel unqualified," she said. But even when we feel the sting of rejection, there are actions we can take to feel qualified and go for what we want.

TEDxSCS also featured performances by Catalina performance groups ecco! and Reverb, and recorded TED talks by Temple Grandin and Cara E. Yahr Khan.

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