A Halloween so creative, it's spooky!
A Halloween so creative, it's spooky!

Santa Catalina School students always do Halloween right. Even with the limitations of distance, this year was no exception.

It's tradition for freshmen to take the lead at Halloween, organizing a special dinner packed with costumes, entertainment, and prizes. This year, with dinner off the table, they hosted a costume contest that drew entries such as mermaids, a ghost bride, a "roadkill cat," and a steampunk seamstress. They curated a Halloween music playlist to put everyone in the spooky spirit. And they put together a fun quiz on Kahoot! for students to flex their knowledge of Halloween trivia; the race for first place was thrilling!

Those were just the tip of the iceberg when it came to Halloween celebrations. Students came together for scary movie watch parties every Friday in October. They joined a virtual pumpkin carving party and learned how to make mulled cider. The Spanish Club created a virtual altar for Dia de los Muertos and hosted a meeting to talk about the Mexican holiday. Finally, the improv club B.U.R.R.I.T.O. shared a Zoom skit and the music performance club Reverb created a music video for "This is Halloween."

The students did such a good job of celebrating Halloween, it's spooky!

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