Annual Cake Auction comes with a twist
Annual Cake Auction comes with a twist

Santa Catalina School's traditional Cake Auction came with a twist this year.

Seniors still baked and decorated elaborate cakes for Spirit Day, and paraded them around Sullivan Court to the oohs and ahs of the other classes. But instead of bidding on a cake to take and eat (a big COVID-19 safety no-no), the classes judged the edible creations in a range of categories and bid on special experiences.

There were two cow-themed cakes, and a cake that looked like a bowl of macaroni and cheese. One cake had a gingerbread house, another an ocean theme. A delicate three-tiered cake covered in pink roses contrasted with a brightly colored, self-confessed hot mess. And animated Hollywood made an appearance with cakes based on Cars, The Fantastic Mr. Fox, and Ratatouille.

Using the tried-and-true applause method, students judged the cakes in categories such as The Imagineer (for most creative), The Guppy (cutest), The Gordon Ramsay (looked the most appetizing), and The Jack of All Traits (best all around).

And then the bidding started. Here's what each class (and the adults) walked away with:

  • Artichokes: Freshmen and Head of School Meg Bradley
  • Ice cream with the Mulgrews: Seniors
  • Pick the lunch menu for a week: Faculty
  • Rugby party with Dr. Reilly: Freshmen
  • Pool party: Juniors
  • Cut the line at lunch: Juniors
  • Free dress for the last week of school: Sophomores

In the end, students still got to eat cake—cupcakes, handed out at the end of the auction.

Check out photos from Cake Auction on SmugMug.

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