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California Math League contest winners announced
California Math League contest winners announced

On April 29, Math and Science Department Chair Ned Stork announced the results of this year's California Math League contests, including recipients of the Balles Award.

Six contests were held throughout the year, requiring students to bring a creative mix of intuition, acquired mathematical knowledge, logic, and common sense. Sixty-four students participated in at least one contest. The students in each grade who got the most answers correct were Amalie Hansch '22, Heidi Hansch '21, Lavender Zhou '20, and Annie Luo '19.

The Balles Award recognizes students who participated in all six contests and earned an average of four correct answers. Thanks to the continued generosity of mathematician Robert P. Balles, the award comes with cash prizes. Linda Mao '19 earned third place and $250; Annie took second ($500); and Lavender placed first ($750).

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