Can't stop, won't stop Christmas at Catalina
Can't stop, won't stop Christmas at Catalina

At Santa Catalina School we love our Christmas traditions, so there was no way we would let them slide this year.

Perhaps the biggest December tradition is Kris Kringles, a three-day celebration where students decorate their classmates' desks, bake them some treats, and do a gift exchange. Desks were out this year, so students signed up to mail gifts to each other.

Elf on a Shelf continued as well. Normally, Buddy the Elf is hidden in various spots around campus for students to find as they compete to see which class finds Buddy the most. This year, Buddy found his way into the background of teachers' Zoom screens. Sophomores and juniors spotted him three times, jointly taking the win.

Other festivities included weekly Christmas movie nights, holiday baking sessions, and a Hanukkah celebration.

Finally, it wouldn't be Christmas without music. Catalina students delivered, with ecco!, Lady Rhythmics, Chamber Ensemble, and Chamber Choir recording performances.

Merry Christmas!

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