Catalina Photographers Win Weston Scholarship Awards
Catalina Photographers Win Weston Scholarship Awards

On Thursday, May 12, students from Carmel High, Monterey Peninsula College, Santa Catalina, and Stevenson School showcased their black and white photography in the 2016 Weston Scholarship Exhibition at the Monterey Museum of Art. This year, 32 portfolios were selected from 59 portfolio entries. Of the 32 portfolios selected, 6 were from Catalina students.

The competition requires students to submit 10 black-and-white analog photographs in their portfolios, which are judged by a panel of local artists and educators. Submissions are judged on uniqueness, clarity, and consistency of vision and the quality of the finished prints. Congratulations to the following students who received honors:

  • Faith Camera '17, Honorable Mention, $250
  • Gianna Nale '17, Honorable Mention, $250
  • Sophia D'Amelio '17, Honorable Mention, $250
  • Emilia Letamendi Juarez '16, Reed Farrington Award, $500
  • Val Gonzalez Villareal '17, Social Commentary Award, $1,000
  • Ilana Hagen '17, Reed Farrington Award, $1,000

The awards program was created in 2004 by Gina and Kim Weston to educate and enlighten the community about the richness of photography on the West Coast and to keep the traditional process of black-and-white photography alive in the tradition of Edward Weston and Ansel Adams. The scholarship supports high-school and college students studying fine-art photography in Monterey County.

The Weston Scholarship has given over $83,000 in 243 photography awards to accomplished black and white analog student photographers. The "Weston" has become a verb on the local campuses, with a buzz that circulates and excites the students. Are you entering the 'Weston' is heard in the darkrooms and down the hallways.

The 2016 Weston Scholarship Exhibition is on display in the upstairs gallery of the museum until September 5, 2016. Take some time this summer to stop by the Monterey Museum of Art and admire the wonderful photography of local students!

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