Coach Jim Morton marks 40 influential years at Catalina
Coach Jim Morton marks 40 influential years at Catalina

Alumnae shared their appreciation for Coach Jim Morton in a newspaper profile honoring his 40th year with Santa Catalina School.

The former student-athletes shared their memories of Morton and his influence on their lives in a January 22 article in the Carmel Pine Cone titled, "In the pool and on the field, Coach Morton makes a big impact."

"Mort was not only my favorite coach, but also one of the most caring and influential teachers to grace Santa Catalina."

"He took a shy, skinny kid and gave me confidence to feel like I could do anything on the softball field, and in life."

"He had Pink Floyd blaring during every practice."

The article chronicles Coach Morton's own athletic career and his impact at Catalina. Currently the school's water polo and swimming coach, he has coached four other varsity sports and collected 19 championships during his tenure.

To read the full article, download the issue here: The article starts on page 24A.

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