Computer science students' bots do battle
Computer science students' bots do battle

Four seniors represented their computer science class in a battle bot competition during a STEM education day at Monterey's Naval Postgraduate School (NPS) on October 25.

Students in the class had spent six weeks designing and building robots weighing 1 pound or less. Megan, Uma, Damiera, and Emma brought two bots to the contest: one featured a wedge to get under other bots and a mechanism to either push or clamp down on the opponent; the other had a protective metal body and spikes on the back. Competing in pairs, their goal was to knock their opponents' bots out of the arena. The seniors took third place in the non-destructive division (for robots that wouldn't do any damage).

In the destructive division, Damiera and Emma operated a robot made by Brandon Naylor, an NPS student who serves as a mentor for Catalina's robotics team. They placed second in that division.

The competition was part of the annual Discover NPS Day, an opportunity for the naval school—just down the street from Santa Catalina—to show students and other members of the public what happens behind the gates.

(Photo: The seniors with teacher Amy Azevedo Mulgrew '02 and their NPS guide.)

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