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Family Resource Center service program enters fourth year
Family Resource Center service program enters fourth year

Santa Catalina School has kicked off its fourth year of service with the Family Resource Center in Salinas. In this meaningful partnership, Catalina students meet every month with dozens of young girls, most of whom are homeless, for a variety of activities from book clubs and science experiments to beach cleanups.

On September 13, about 45 students visited the girls for an art project and book fair, after which each girl went home with five books plus a children's dictionary. In a Chapel reflection September 18, several students who have been involved with the program talked about some of their favorite memories and what they value about the experience.

"These little girls are such beautiful, positive people who truly make me happier every time I have the privilege of spending the day with them." —Cailin '22

"We are role modeling and inspiring them to become successful students and confident young women. ... Taking time each month to spend an afternoon with this truly extraordinary group of girls feels very special." —Harper '22

"During all the events throughout the year, we try to teach the girls new skills and spark interest in new ideas. ... Knowing that I could make these young girls so excited about science and learning made me beyond happy." —Alex '21

Here is the schedule for Family Resource Center (FRC) events throughout the year:

November 9 - Girls' Festival, Palace of Fine Arts, San Francisco
December 6 - Christmas crafts and books, FRC
January 25 - Monterey Zoo, Salinas
March 28 - Hike and picnic, Fort Ord or Toro Park
April 25 - Beach cleanup, Monterey
May 15 - Spa/health day and books, FRC

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