Fly Monterey and take in some art
Fly Monterey and take in some art

Santa Catalina students' artwork will be seen by thousands of travelers flying in and out of Monterey Regional Airport.

Their drawings, paintings, collages, and digital photographs hang in the Youth Gallery, just inside the entrance from short-term parking. The pieces, which reflect each of Catalina's art classes, will be on display through May 15, 2018.

Congratulations to the following artists:

Rosa Aguilar '18
Carolina Bishop-Iglesias '18
Hailey Boe '20
Simone Brown '19
Georgina Burton '20
A.G. Camera '19
Amira Chou '19
Mikayla Corn '19
Jessica Crump '19
Katie Fraley '18
Sum Yue Guan '19
Savannah Halvorson '20
Diana Kisseleva '19
Michelle Lau '18
Kylie Ludvisksen '20
Annie Luo '19
Jadyn Ngo '18
Audrey Nixon '19
Austin Noorzoy '18
Fila Oen '18
Madeleine Oh '18
Emilia Partlow '19
Maya Pruthi '19
Emma Roffler '18
Lillian Sato '18
Eleanor Sheetz '19
Chanel Sun '20
Lucinda Swearengen '18
Ari Trueba '19
Dana Zeng '19

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