How to change a tire
How to change a tire

Say you're on a road trip, and all of a sudden you feel a tire on your car pop. You pull over to the side of the road with a flat, and you can't call AAA because there's no cellphone service. What do you do?

Well, after their Journey class on October 27, juniors will be able to change the tire themselves, thanks to a hands-on lesson from Transportation Manager Stacey Chaney. Using a silver four-door sedan parked on Greer Patio, Chaney took students step-by-step through the process, showing them a trick or two along the way.

How to change a flat tire

1. Pull over to a safe area. The ground should be level.

2. Put the parking brake on.

3. Turn the hazard lights on.

4. Retrieve the spare tire and the tools. (Chaney also suggests you have a change of clothes in your trunk, just in case you're wearing something fancy.)

5. Use the tire iron to loosen lug nuts. If you find them hard to turn, try angling the tire iron at about 10 o'clock and standing on it!

6. Jack up the vehicle. Feel under the car for a smooth, flat surface.

7. Remove the lug nuts.

8. Remove the tire. Put the spare tire on.

9. Align the holes with the post.

10. Put the lug nuts on with your hand.

11. Lower the vehicle.

12. Tighten the lug nuts with the tire iron in a star pattern.

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