Interns create immersive virtual art gallery
Interns create immersive virtual art gallery

Santa Catalina School's art gallery interns took full advantage of their virtual circumstances to create a wholly new and immersive experience for the school community.

Emily '21, Trixie '21, Caitlin '22, and Ingrid '21 created a virtual gallery through Artsteps to showcase the work of students who submitted black and white photography to last year's Weston Scholarship Competition.

In an email to students, faculty, and staff, they wrote: "Our goal as STAR Gallery Interns is to work collectively to install, curate, and present meaningful visual arts exhibitions for our Catalina community. In a typical school year we discuss, organize, and install artwork onto the walls of the Sister Mary Kieran Library Gallery. During our scheduled meeting times we work alongside [Art Department Chair] Ms. Claire Lerner to meet deadlines and plan our future exhibitions. While this year we are not able to install art in-person, or host a gallery opening, we have come up with another solution in which the gallery can continue to function and serve our Catalina community. ...

"With many hours of work, we have been able to translate our duties and responsibilities in order to create a unique, meaningful, and enriching gallery experience for all. ... We are amazed and humbled by our classmates' talent. We hope that you enjoy this virtual gallery experience as much as we have enjoyed creating it!"

Viewers are able to "walk" through four wings of the gallery, which have been organized by theme, as well as a main hall. When users click on a photograph, the artist's statement pops up, allowing viewers to learn more about the image's creation. The gallery comes with some nice touches, including outdoor spaces, green plants, and even the traditional plate of cookies.

Be sure to check out the exhibit!

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