'Little Women' gives everyone a spotlight
'Little Women' gives everyone a spotlight

Louisa May Alcott's beloved novel Little Women was brought to musical life on Santa Catalina's stage from October 13–21.

Jessica Almos '18 as LaurieThe story follows the adventures of the four March sisters as they grow up in Civil War America: Meg, the eldest (Anna Baricevic '18); Jo, the writer (Cayleigh Capaldi '18); Beth, the sweet musician (Fila Oen '18); and the young artist Amy (Samantha Scattini '21). Over the course of the play, the tight-knit siblings fall in love, experience heartache, explore the world, and discover themselves.

Though the show centers on Jo, the musical numbers gave almost everyone a chance to shine. In "Here Alone," the girls' mother, Marmee (Molly Gilbert '19), expressed her loneliness with her husband off at war. Their socialite Aunt March (Mackenzie Roth '19) tried to teach Jo to be a lady in "Could You?" Their various suitors—Laurie (Jessica Almos '18), Mr. Brooke (Sofia Whitley '19), and Professor Bhaer (Ana Leon Nuñuz '18)—each got to express their love through song. As for Jo herself, Cayleigh turned in a powerhouse performance with the Act 1 finale "Astonishing."

Some of the most entertaining moments came with the act-opening reenactments of Jo's "Operatic Tragedy," where a story of heroes and villains and sword-fighting was inventively played out to Jo's narration. Kudos also go out to crew members, who did a masterful job of lighting, shifting versatile sets in plain sight, and making a kite fly.

Congratulations to all on a successful fall musical!

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