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Mock Trial: 'One of the best parts of my freshman year'
Mock Trial: 'One of the best parts of my freshman year'

Santa Catalina School participated in the Monterey County Mock Trial competition February 3-8.

Twenty students were on the team, acting as attorneys, witnesses, bailiff, clerk, and courtroom artist. Though they finished with a 1-3 record—their win came from the defense in the first round—they gave each school a run for their money. Channing-Jaye '21 won an award for best Prosecution Pretrial Attorney.

Sara '23 was another member of the prosecution team. Below, she reflects on what she gained from the Mock Trial experience.

"After months of learning about the law, practicing the concepts, creating a case theme and theory, reworking it, memorizing, redrafting, and memorizing again, Catalina's 2020 Mock Trial season has finally come to a close. Some of the fondest memories I have from attending Catalina this year have been from these past six months with the Mock Trial team. This season included successes and moments of growth, and has truly been one of the best parts of my freshman year.

The team began meeting in late September. We started by looking over the murder case, 'People v. Matsumoto,' and club head Damiera '20 and her co-captain Angelia '21 picked roles and divided the new members into defense and prosecution. Over the next five months, the team worked on writing direct and cross-examinations, opening and closing statements, and finally, pretrial arguments.

The strategies I have learned in Mock Trial have also taught me skills that I can utilize outside of the season, including how to be comfortable while public speaking and how to be persuasive and how to argue well.

In conclusion, my Mock Trial experience has taught me skills I can use in and out of the classroom and given me some of my best memories during my first semester of freshman year!"

See photos from the team's dress rehearsal on SmugMug.

Santa Catalina Mock Trial was assisted by two attorney coaches: Shannon Sullivan, a Catalina parent and attorney in Santa Cruz County, and Molly Thai, deputy district attorney with the Monterey County District Attorney's Office.

Sara '23 questions a witness.Channing '21 with her award.

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