Performance clubs bring B. R.E.A.L. to the screen
Performance clubs bring B. R.E.A.L. to the screen

Santa Catalina School's performance clubs added video to their list of skills after filming and editing their virtual B. R.E.A.L. Show, which was shared live on March 12.

The annual event features the clubs B.U.R.R.I.T.O. (comedy and improv), Reverb (music), ecco! (a cappella), Accents (dance), and Lady Rhythmics (body percussion). Whether piecing together individual performances or recording as a group over Zoom, the students were able to showcase their creativity and talent.

B.U.R.R.I.T.O. added an alphabetical story and customer service nightmares to fan favorites Dr. Phil and Poetry for the Soul. Reverb's offerings included a rendition of "Grenade" by Bruno Mars and a music video for their performance of "Devil Town" by Cavetown. Other highlights included ecco!'s Elton John medley, with corresponding Zoom backgrounds; an Accents dance to Becky G's "Can't Stop Dancing"; and split-screen Lady Rhythmics routines.

The video ended with a special tribute to seniors, showing clips of them throughout their time at Catalina, as well as home footage and photos of them as young performers.

Congratulations to the editors, managers, and performers who worked hard to bring a truly unique B. R.E.A.L. show to life!

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