Preview: Health and Wellbeing Day gives students tools to thrive
Preview: Health and Wellbeing Day gives students tools to thrive

Santa Catalina School is holding its first Health and Wellbeing Day on January 22, packed with speakers, workshops, and wellness activities.

The keynote speaker is Dr. Pamela Ebstyne King, an associate professor of applied developmental science at Fuller Theological Seminary who studies the ways faith, spirituality, and religion help young people thrive. In addition to her talk, titled "JoyRide: Thriving on the Road to Joy," she will lead a workshop giving students training exercises to guide and fuel a long-term journey of thriving.

Morning sessions include wellness activities such as yoga, hiking, tai chi, and meditation. Workshops are held in the afternoon, including three led by Santa Catalina alumnae in their areas of expertise.

The workshops follow the PRESENT model of Catalina's Health and Wellness Initiative, touching on each of the areas that make up the Wheel of Wellbeing:

Personal Development: Psychologist and writer Barclay Braden '59, "Faith at Hand: Finding Your Way Through Depth Journaling"

Relationships and Communication: Santa Catalina School Counselor Gabrielle Snowden, "Discover and Explore Your Personality Type"

Exercise and Movement: Movement specialist Olava Menczkowska '74, "Mindful Movement: Finding Exercise and Movement that Supports Your Best Self"

Spirituality: Dr. Pamela Ebstyne King, "Thrive Training"

Environment (Physical): Interior designer Virginia Apple '89, "Pursuing Places and Designing Spaces that Nurture and Stimulate Us"

Nutrition and Hydration: Nutrition and wellness coach Jen DeVilliers, "Foods that Nourish for Abundant Energy, Stress Reduction, and Mental Clarity"

Time for Rest: Pediatrician Dr. Jim Bennett, "The ABCs of ZZZs: The Science of Sleep and Tools to Boost Sleep Quality"

"The Health and Wellbeing Day is designed for personal discovery, growth, and inspiration," says Health and Wellness Director Liz Hulme. "Beginning with our keynote address on thriving and finding joy, and with breakout sessions for active movement, quiet reflections, and individual exploration of Santa Catalina's Wheel of Wellbeing, students are invited to explore and discover their individual path."

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