Prize Day closes out the year with a celebration of students
Prize Day closes out the year with a celebration of students

At the close of another school year, Santa Catalina students were recognized for their academic achievements and their contributions to school and the community during the annual Prize Day on May 31.

Awards were presented to students who excelled in different subject areas and who ranked as the highest in their class. Some students received college-sponsored awards, while others received awards from local institutions.

Below are recipients of Santa Catalina's special awards; the students are seniors, unless otherwise noted. Congratulations to all!

Meriwether and Croom Beatty Award: Cailin Templeman '22 and Sarah Sallee '21
Honors a freshman and a sophomore who exemplify compassion, integrity, faith, and friendship.

Sister Mary Kieran Achievement Awards: Candace Wong '20 (first place) and Taylor Ford '20 (second place)
Given to two juniors who embody generosity and sensitivity as modeled by Sister Kieran.

Robert P. Balles Awards for Academic Excellence: Kacey Konya (1st in Class), Angela Hu (2nd in Class), and Sophia Lee (2nd in Class)
Honors the students graduating first and second in the senior class for their outstanding academic performance.

Student Support Award: Erika Schwerdfeger and Simone Brown
Honors students who have exhibited consistent support of their classmates and demonstrated leadership in their respective areas of influence while at school.

Soli Deo Gloria Award: Kayla Ginette
Honors a student for her contribution to the liturgical life of the school through music.

Academy Award: Molly Gilbert
Honors students for their outstanding contribution to the performing arts during the last four years, both on stage and backstage.

School Support Award – Day Student: Emily Hayes and Mackenzie Roth
School Support Award – Resident Student:
Vanessa Colin and Eleanor Scheetz
Honors students who called upon their own resources and enlisted the talents of others in pursuit of a common goal.

Admiral Robert S. Hatcher Award: Angela Hu
Honors students who engage in the academic curriculum to the limit of possibility for the joy and sake of learning.

Christopher Award: Sophia Lee
Honors a student who exemplifies Christian concern for others with leadership and dedication to the spiritual welfare of the school.

Munras Courtesy Award: Victoria Gorum and Emalia Partlow
Honors students who exemplify courage, graciousness, integrity, and openness to all.

Alumnae Award: Kacey Konya
Honors students who have offered intellectual integrity, quiet leadership, and a mature individual perspective.

Veritas Award: Molly Gilbert
Honors a senior who exemplifies the school's motto, Truth; who is true to herself and to others, acts with joy and single-mindedness, and who through her clear judgment and daily living leaves the school a better place.

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